Foraging for Wattle

Saturday morning was spent at my mate Dirk’s farm sorting through some wood he recently cleared from a patch of scrub. I’m not sure what the clearing was for precisely but I was more than happy to take up the offer of scavenging for some nice timber.

The stuff I was mainly interested in was the Silver Wattle; I don’t know much about botany but I believe it is from the same family as the famous Tasmanian Blackwood. Ultimately I don’t really care how highly valued the timber is; for what I plan to use it for the appearance is most important.

I was unsure what it would be like, to be honest, but after we ripped the first few we got a pretty good idea what it looked like – very nice indeed. Dirk’s son Michael did the ripping with a massive Stihl chainsaw fitted with a special ripping chain; Dirk manned the tractor and I did very little (bit of manual donkey work).

Foraging for Wattle 02
Michael ripping a length of Silver Wattle.

All in all I managed about a tonne of green wattle; it was all I could fit in my trailer and ute, a very productive and enjoyable day. It will take a couple of years for the timber to air dry and then I can mill it into smaller pieces and, at this stage, plan to use it for some trinket boxes or trays.

Foraging for Wattle 03
Dirk driving the tractor and Michael giving instructions.

Steve Brookes

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