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Blue Swallow Designs is a small business I started in March of 2017 building little wooden garden ornaments, giftware, furniture, trinket boxes and other assorted household goods. Everything is made by hand; I have a few machines that get used for some of the time consuming jobs but good ol’ hand tools feature pretty heavily in most stages of production.

My preference is to use recycled, reclaimed or scrap timber; it’s a lot harder and more time consuming to work with but I love all the imperfections. Twisted grain, knots, cracks, rusty nail holes, sap wood – all sorts of stuff that you won’t find in construction grade timber – which is fine as construction grade is very boring.

In addition to recycled wood I also use some of Tasmania’s specialty timbers but I prefer to source scraps, mill ends and off-cuts where possible. Most of the things I build don’t need long lengths so shorter bits tend to be easier for me to handle and off-cuts, in particular, can have some really nice features.

The designs are all my own work; I get inspiration from lots of different places but everything gets drawn up, prototyped and tested by me. It is important that things look nice but, for me, it is equally important that they are functional. I used to do custom jobs but I have had to leave that for a while as I just don’t have the time.

Should you have any questions or would like to inquire further about the products made by Blue Swallow Designs please contact me via email at:


Our current range of products are listed on Etsy:Etsy Logo

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Steve Brookes