First Blog Post

This is literally my very first post and as I am new to blogging I’m learning as I go. Since this is the first post it is probably a good idea to give some background to Blue Swallow Designs.

I started building things a few years ago following moving into a new house with the room to have a workshop. I fitted the new space with some basic tools and started making various bits and pieces; the quality wasn’t great but I found it strangely relaxing and quite fulfilling. Since I work as an IT teacher having a break from a computer is a pleasure; more so working with hand tools as there is no ‘technology’ involved.

The collection of tools started to increase as did the quality of my work, I also started following a British woodworker by the name of Paul Sellars. He is a master craftsman who uses hand tools exclusively; I don’t have a problem with machines and power tools but I liked his emphasis on perfection and I’ve found, much like him, that hand tools allow a greater level of accuracy.

As I am now getting to an age where retirement is just round the corner and teaching, as much as I love it, is getting more tiring (at least I tend to notice it more now) I figured that making things from wood and selling them would be a nice retirement activity for me.

That set the ball rolling, I started working out exactly what sort of things I wanted to build, what I needed in my workshop and so on. Then I went through the process of creating and registering the business name and ABN and all that other stuff; which was interesting as I have never done anything like that before.

The name Blue Swallow Designs is something I thought up inspired by the little swallows that come to nest at our place every summer. Technically they are Welcome Swallows, but I liked the name Blue Swallow – I believe there is actually a Blue Swallow in England or northern Europe but, for me, I just like how it sounded.

From here on I’ll post on a somewhat regular basis but that will depend on what I’m up to. Things won’t happen all that quickly as I still work full time; I only get a few hours on a weekend to spend in the workshop so the work is very stop / start.

Steve Brookes

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