Every product at Blue Swallow Designs is made by hand, from the smallest trinket boxes to our largest outdoor pieces. Each item is unique and is built from scratch in our workshop at Acton Park in Tasmania.

The links below will take you to pages with sample photos and a few details of each product; for custom orders head to our Contact page or to buy ready-made, check out the Store page or go straight to our Etsy online store.

There are a number of blogs about how our products are made and details on the types of finishes we use are here.

Very early days at the moment; it will take some time to get the full list of products displayed so apologies in advance.

Bird Houses:

We love birds and we hope you’ll love our bird houses; new designs are being made all the time so be sure to check back regularly to the see the latest creations.

 Product Page - Bird Houses


Similar to the bird houses but the dovecotes are larger and a bit more complex, very ornamental but functional as well.

Product Page - Dovecotes


Trugs are like a traditional foraging basket made from wood; great for collecting produce and throwing tools in.

Product Page - Trugs

Essential Oil Boxes:

If you want to keep all your little bottles organised then one of our Essential Oil boxes is just the thing.

Product Page Promo