Starting on New Trug

I’ve been working on designs for a variety of trugs for different purposes. A trug is basically just a garden basket and can be used for everything from holding cut flowers or produce to carrying round garden tools. My goal is to make the trugs light enough to be carried round but sturdy enough to cop a bit of punishment.

The one shown above is based on a French style and so far it has proven to be a real pain in the butt. The cut out of the timber was supposed to be quite straight forward but my problems occurred when I realised that having a side angle of 60 degrees and an end angle of 45 degrees meant the corner intersection points would be a complicated nightmare. It seemed like a good idea on paper and the design looked fine; it was only when I started to cut the timber and lay it out that I realised how hard it was going to be to glue it all together.

Keep in mind that this was supposed to be a quick and easy build; the sort of thing I could whip up in no time – I’ll finish this one by gluing each side individually but it will be back to the drawing board for the next version.

Meanwhile the small dovecote is coming together really well although, as you can see from the photo below; the glue-up is a tad tricky.

Starting on the Trug 02
The small dovecote in its gluing jig with a multitude of clamps.

Steve Brookes

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