Red Mahogany

Red Mahogany (Eucalyptus resinifera) is not to be confused with Mahogany (as in the stuff used in old English furniture). As you can see from the scientific name it is actually a Eucalypt or Gum Tree that happens to look a bit like Mahogany. It really is reddish or even a bit pink and has nice grain and is easy to work – a bit like Tasmanian Oak in that regard.

We tend to get it at a local timber supplier where they sell ‘featured’ pieces at a lower price. Featured means that it can have all sorts of defects like splits, knots, wavy grain, etc – all the sorts of things that builders hate and we love.

Due to the prevalence of Tas Oak this one doesn’t get used a lot as many of its properties are similar – but it’s nice, red tones make it a nice addition to anything from trinket boxes to bird houses.



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