Radiata Pine

Radiata Pine (Pinus Radiata) is a somewhat maligned plantation pine grown extensively in Tasmania. Originally from North America it prefers a cooler climate (ideal for Tasmania); it is a fast grower which is another plus factor for plantations.

Radiata Pine plantation, Tasmania.

The reason it is sometimes maligned is because it is a plantation timber used widely in construction and also readily accepts treatment (Treated Pine) to prevent rot.

If you can get past the whole plantation thing it is actually a nice looking timber; very light in colour with reasonably straight grain plus some decent knots to make it interesting. Very easy to work as the timber is so soft with the only downside being its tendency to tear out if you use a thicknesser – this is one of the reasons I tend to hand plane Radiata most of the time.

It finishes really well, to the point where it can almost appear to ‘sparkle’ (for want of a better word) when it’s polished.

The two big disadvantages are lack of strength and its propensity to decay rapidly if in contact with the ground and moisture.

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