Jarrah (Eucalyptus marginata) is a native of the south west corner of Western Australia and is renowned for it’s strength and durability. The tree itself grows to about 40 metres tall and can have a decent diameter which makes it a good choice for furniture makers.

Jarrah forest, Western Australia – Australian Woodwork

The timber is a rich, dark, reddish brown with nice grain patterns; some sources note that it is often confused with another West Australian timber – Karri. Not sure how that could happen as they look quite different; maybe a light coloured Jarrah could look like a dark Karri – just speculating there.

It is a very hard timber although, once you have used Spotted Gum, it seems quite mild in comparison. We have found it quite nice to use; the straight-grained timber actually planes pretty well and it’s dark colouring makes it a nice contrast timber to use with any of the pines (and even Tas Oak).

The timber we get is generally off-cuts from decking and flooring; in fact, our deck is all Jarrah so we scored quite a few off-cuts from that. Apparently they get plenty of old Jarrah from house demolitions in Western Australia – love some of that – not much chance of getting it in Tasmania though.

Another great and unique Australian timber which we will happily use whenever we get it.

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