Australian Cedar

Toona ciliate is known by numerous names: Australian Cedar, Red Cedar, Australian Red Cedar or just plain Cedar this is, surely, one of the world’s finest timbers. Not to be confused with Western Red Cedar which is a very common timber imported from the USA (mainly) – great for cladding, etc but is not in the same league as Australian Cedar.

Australian Red Cedar (POI Australia)

Unfortunately, this is now commercially extinct. It was logged into oblivion during the late 1800’s and early 1900’s and was termed “Red Gold” as it was highly prized by furniture makers and the like.

When freshly milled it is quite red (hence the name) but as it ages turns a beautiful. ‘chocolate’ brown. Has straight grain (generally) and is easily worked although does have a tendency to split and splinter occasionally.

Freshly milled – Wikipedia.

So what makes it so special; just check out some examples of antique Australian Cedar furniture – enough said.

We rarely get much, even recycled it is difficult to come by, but any we do get is treasured. The small pieces we do manage to acquire are used as stringers or inlays; we live in hope that, one day, we’ll get enough to build something substantial.


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