Indoor Products

Trinket boxes, trays, furniture, etc are protected from most of the things that affect timber outdoors; the exception is sunlight. Window glass filters some UV but anything left in a sunny position in the house will suffer the effects of UV – and heat.

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Heat by itself is not a big deal (unless you throw it in the fire – then it is) but the effect heat has on the moisture content of the wood does have an impact. There is more about moisture in wood here but, briefly, as wood dries it also shrinks. This shrinkage can cause joints to open up and cracks to appear; this is not so bad – many old pieces of furniture will have imperfect joints even though the craftsman who made it would have done a decent job of it.

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The only guaranteed way to ensure joints don’t open or a flat piece of timber doesn’t buckle or warp is to seal it in a humidity controlled room (a complete vacuum is even better). Aside from that, regularly applying oil or wax will help as it leaves the surface fibres slightly moist and adds a layer of protective ‘film’.

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