Trinket Boxes

We call them Trinket Boxes but they can be used for just about anything, like: sewing, jewellery, buttons, seeds and a hundred other things we haven’t even thought of. They are small enough to be carried round but large enough to fit a multitude of those essential bits and pieces. Most have a carry handle and front clasp as they are designed to be mobile; unlike a traditional jewellery box that tends to sit on a dresser or chest of drawers.

TB002 G
Trinket Box with dowelled rebate corner joints, pillow top lid and cool Spotted Gum sides.

The interior of the boxes are fitted out with smaller compartments and, in some cases, removable trays. A variety of different wood types are used but, as always, we prefer to use recycled or scrap timber plus mill off-cuts and flitches. All the boxes are finished with Boiled Linseed Oil and our own recipe Beeswax Polish to give a natural look; the interiors are not coated at all as any finish could potentially affect the contents.

TB007 A
Larger box with some more cool Spotted Gum and what I think is Douglas Fir lid.

To get a bit more info on edge profiles and the effect they can have on the look of the box check out this page and to get an insite into the joints we use go here.

TB007 G
Showing the fitted interior of a Trinket Box.

There is a gallery of images (below) with some of the boxes we have made. To view our current range head on over to our Etsy online store.Etsy Logo