Pet Beds

Pet owners love their pets (well, mostly anyway). If you want your dogs or cats to have the best, then, they need to have one of our beds. From a pet’s perspective they are comfortable and cosy and from an owner’s perspective they are super strong, hard wearing (they’ll take a heap of punishment) and look good.

The frames are made from recycled hardwood (generally Tas Oak) with a pine (or similar) slat base for the mattress. The strength of the frame is critical which is why all the joints are either mortise and tenon, dovetail or doweled rebates; the use of something like Tas Oak means that they will withstand a pretty high degree of ‘chew’.

Large 1
Toby road testing a new, large dog bed.

There is a gallery of images (below) with a selection of the beds we have made. Some of the smaller beds are listed on our Etsy store (so are shipped Australia-wide at no cost); larger beds are available for delivery in Tasmania at no charge but shipping charges will apply to mainland buyers – in these cases please contact us for a quote.Etsy Logo