Lip Balm Boxes – Archive Gallery – 1

This is a collection of images of all the lip balm presentation boxes made by us over the years:

LB-016 (Tasmanian Oak)

LB-015 (Red Mahogany and Celery Top Pine)

LB-014 (Spotted Gum and Tasmanian Oak)

LB-013 (Jarrah and Tasmanian Oak)

LB-012 (Red Mahogany and Kauri)

LB-011 (Baltic Pine and Kauri)

LB-010 (Spotted Gum)

LB-009 (King Billy Pine and Kauri)

LB-008 (Karri and Kauri)

LB-007 (Sassafras)

LB-006 (Celery Top Pine)

LB-005 (Blackwood and Tasmanian Oak)

LB-004 (Cypress)

LB-003 (Tasmanian Oak, Sassafras and Kauri)

LB-002 (Cypress)

LB-001 (Walnut, Blackwood and Cedar)