Essential Oil Box – Small

This is the smallest of our Essential Oil box range; it will hold a total of 15 bottles (3 rows of 5). They are designed to fit the ‘standard’ 12ml and 15ml bottles but you may find they also fit some of the larger bottles – different manufacturers have slightly different shaped bottles.

The lid is hinged and has a simple clasp at the front; the timber used is all recycled – mainly from pallets but also from house demolitions. The boxes are a functional means of storing your favourite oils but they are also decorative; light and dark timber is combined in the laminated top versions and some have contrasting inlays.

A variety of joints are used in the making of the boxes and this depends to some extent on the timber used. The three most common are the mitre, dovetail and box joint; neither one is any more difficult than the others but for some timber it is nice to showcase the end grain – so either the dovetail or box joints are perfect.

There is also variety in the edge profiles; there are sharp bevels, softer rounded and the classic ‘pillow top’. Once again the choice is often determined by the features in the timber and what is going to look best.

If looked after there is no reason these boxes can’t last for many generations; each one is hand made using hand tools (the only machines used are for milling the timber) so they won’t suffer from the boring perfection you get from factory produced boxes. None are perfect but they all have their own unique character and each one is special in some way.

For an insight into the build process check out this page and care instructions are available here.

The images below give a bit of an overview of the range but each box is unique; so to find out about purchasing any items check out the Store page, go straight to our Etsy online store or contact Isabel at