Essential Oil Boxes

Essential Oils are a concentrated, aromatic solution extracted from plants; when the term ‘essential’ is used it doesn’t mean they are essential for our existence but they are the ‘essence’ of the plant from which they were derived. Commonly used in massage oils, nebulizers, heated in a carrier oil or as incense. They date back centuries and may have some medicinal benefits although for a lot of people they just smell nice.

essential oil

There are heaps of different varieties and, of course, you can’t have just one or two – you need plenty. This is where our Essential Oil boxes come in handy; the smallest of our range will store around 15 small bottles but for the serious connoisseur the larger boxes can hold many more (including the larger bottles).

EB003 E

No doubt there are many places to buy your favourites but, in Hobart, the staff at Goulds have been very helpful and do stock a large range. We obviously don’t recommend or endorse any particular supplier but if you want to get started they can certainly help.


There is a gallery of images (below) with some of the boxes we have made. To view our current range head on over to ourĀ Etsy online store.

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To get a bit more info on edge profiles and the effect they can have on the look of the box check out this page and to get an insite into the joints we use go here.