Small Dovecote

The smallest of the dovecotes; in fact, not really a dovecote at all as a dove wouldn’t fit – just a technicality though as it looks like a proper dovecote. Traditional dovecotes come in all shapes and sizes; this triangular shape is very common, mainly because it can be mounted on a wall or post.

As it is small in size it is intended for small birds like Sparrows, Wrens, Swallows and Starlings (I guess it’s better if the Starlings nest here than in your roof). The back is hinged to allow it to fold down for easy access to clean; in total there are six separate compartments – plenty of room for mum, dad and all the kids.

At this stage only available to hang but we’re working on making a mountable version; a little tricky due to the shape of the dovecote – it’s a bit like a sail, so any mount has to be strong enough to withstand a reasonably strong wind.

For more information about the building process and materials used click here; detailed care instructions are the same as for the bird houses and are available here, hanging and mounting instructions here.

The images below give a bit of an overview but each house is unique; so for details on those currently available for purchase check out the Store page, go straight to our Etsy online store or contact Isabel at