Bird House – Hanging and Mounting

The bird houses and dovecotes have a variety of hanging or mounting options; in the description for the house it will say whether it is wall mountpost mount or hanging.

Post Mount:

These houses will have a post mounting block attached to the base that will allow the house to slip on to a treated pine post. The post size must be 70 x 45mm and the length of the post will depend on your preference but generally somewhere around 900 to 1500mm will be OK. The 70 x 45mm treated pine is a standard size and should be available from any decent hardware store.

Mounting Block Instructions

The post can be just driven into the ground with a reasonably big hammer (like a sledge hammer or the back of an axe or block buster) or, if you like a really permanent solution – dig a hole and set the post in concrete.

The bird house should just slip over the post but if the post gets ‘burred over’ at the top from hammering or the fit is a bit too tight you may need to shave a bit off around the top. Don’t try to hammer the bird house onto the post though – it’ll just end in tears. Also not a good idea to try and widen the aperture on the post mounting block – that’ll also end in tears. It’s always easier to adjust the top of the post; you can use a plane or a chisel or even a sharp axe but keep in mind that they are all sharp – and that can end in more than just tears. If in doubt or if you get stuck, please just contact us.


The bird house will have a ring bolt, hook or loop of some description at the top and that is used with the supplied basket hanging bracket. The bracket hooks through the bolt and then over a branch or similar. The bracket can be bent into shape with a hammer or strong pliers should it be required.

Alternatively some strong cord or fine rope can be looped through the hanging bracket and around a branch or similar.

Wall Mounting:

Some of the bird houses and all of the dovecotes have a cleat or slot at the rear to allow mounting on a wall, tree or other flattish surface. This is a lot like hanging a picture; use a hook or flat headed screw (Tek screws are great) and just hang the house using the cleat or slot.

Tek Screw

The humble Tek Screw