Bird House – Build Information

The range of bird house designs is extensive, with new ones being added all the time. Although they may be considered ornamental, they are also functional – birds like living in ’em. Most of the houses (especially the larger ones) have access doors to allow cleaning and maintenance, only the smallest ones are ‘fully contained’.

A variety of materials are used in their construction depending on the particular design (more about the timber we use here). Typically there are two broad categories of material:

Pallets and Recycled Timber:

Part of our philosophy is to re-use and recycle wherever we can; we scrounge pallets and old wood from all over and anything that is destined for the dump or the fire is perfect for us.

Sparrow House 03 Web
Laminated hardwood roof, hardwood base and the rest in pine.

For a whole lot of information on the types of finishes we use (and a great recipe for natural beeswax polish) – click here.