Bird Houses

Our bird houses come in all shapes and sizes; there are some tiny houses, some bigger, more luxurious bird mansions and lots in between. They are all functional in that birds will nest in them if they are mounted in the right way and in the right place. Check out our Bird House Placement page for some tips on how and where to put them. For many people they are more ornamental; they look great in any garden – and that is fine with us.

For information about mounting and hanging the bird houses head straight to the Hanging and Mounting page and for details about how best to look after your new house check out the Care Instructions page.

Click on the images below for more detailed information on each of the different designs. To view our current range head on over to ourĀ Etsy online store.

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Sparrow House: Basic design for small birds; single room only with side flap for cleaning. Comes as either post and wall mount or hanging and wall mount.

Sparrow House Promo Image

Gothic House: Inspired by gothic architecture; designed for small birds. Single compartment and comes as post or wall mount.

Gothic House Promo

Terrace House: Narrow, double storey house inspired by the ‘quirky’ terrace houses in London. For smaller birds with a cleaning door at the rear; wall mount only.

Terrace House Promo