We have a range of pre-made stock available for purchase from our Etsy store but we can also arrange for custom (or bespoke) items to be made.

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The easiest way to go about this is to check out some of the ‘help’ links below and then contact us for a quote. When requesting a quote try to include as much detail as possible; things like: design, dimensions, type of timber, purpose, colouring, etc. We can then get back to you if we require additional info.

Along with price we try to also include a build or delivery time plus freight charges, etc (more on our Purchasing Policies here). If the item you’re after is beyond our scope we’ll let you know and try to recommend another maker or supplier.

Custom Boxes:

All about Joints in Boxes; the different types of joints used in box making and their advantages and disadvantages.

Custom Orders - Box Joints

Edge Profiles and how they can change the character of a box.

Custom Orders - Edge Profiles

The various Finishes available and the ones we recommend.

Custom Orders - Finishes

We use a range of Timber; most of it is recycled or reclaimed and includes some of Tasmania’s specialty species.

custom - timber